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During my days in High School, I developed a deep interest in creativity. I've always enjoyed learning how to master designs that suddenly came to mind & various inspirations from online.


As time went on, this interest became became a dream and passion of mine to continuously get into different projects.

A few years ago, I became Lead Event Designer for my church's annual banquets. That led to me diving into DIY projects (doing it yourself saves you more money most times and it's just a refreshing feeling to challenge your abilities). 

As I continued, I made products for interior and exterior design such as front door wreaths, floral arrangements, and items for nurseries.


Hey, I'm Tamar!

 I also dived into decorating for baby showers, banquets, retirement parties, gender reveals, and intimate weddings, creating backgrounds/providing props for newborn photography, and more...needless to say, I am beginning to do what makes my soul happy!

Decor by Tamar B makes me excited!


Excited to further develop my skills...excited to sprinkle some awesomeness into your homes and life events! With guidance from God & everything in me, my desire for Decor by Tamar B is that it will be a force to be reckoned with! 

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