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Brandon Javier's 1st Birthday/Baptism

Marlee's 40th Bithday

Nathan's 1st Birthday: Baby Shark

Adrienne's 40th Birthday!

Micheca's 25th Birthday Celebration

Kevin & Simone's Baby Shower

Rebecca's Birthday Celebration

Agar's Birthday Dinner: Talk 30 To Me!

Lewa Botanics: Queens Need Love Too

Kimberly & Patrick's Gender Reveal

Lydie & Asten's Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Youth Anniversary Dinner

Decor by Tamar B Presents: Calling All Lovers

Amiyah's 1st Birthday: Some Bunny is ONE!

Kimberly & Patrick's Baby Shower

Pop Up Shop Display

Intimate Birthday Dinner

Urika's Backyard Wedding

Lydie & Asten's Wedding Shower

Lewa Botanics Launch-Brunch

Madona's Retirement Party

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